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Stone Arch

Inside the arch, (North Manheim Township) Mahonney Creek is running very low during the Summer of 2010, so low in fact that one can walk the entire length by stepping on rocks wihtout getting wet! The mortise work is holding up quite well for its 120+ years. This particular arch has some history unlike others. Over the years the exit wing wall was undermined by water and was near collapse before an effort was made to fill the creek bed inside and pull back the blocks. The damage has been mitigated for now.



The Lehigh Valley had to build many stone arches along this line. Many of them are just memories of times past but many still exist and photos can be found of the remaining ones on this site in the gallery.

Articles of consolidation March 11, 1887

By construction:

39.821 miles Lizard Creek Junction to Blackwood, Pa

1.180 mile Blackwood Junction to York Farm Junction

0.520 mile Spring Garden Junction to Schuylkill Haven

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